Monday, October 01, 2012

Tropical Arm Candy

Tropical Arm Candy

this is so amazing I am always into "free" 
just pick it out of your back yard and wear it...
saw this on the blog 
Oh Joy from 
a Spring 2013 Fashion Show with Mara Hoffman
{images via StyleBistro}

just thought i would share this unfortunately my photos from Charleston did not
turn out for some reason my camera was on the blink.. so I'm moving on to another subject..."Arm Candy"... i adore bracelets but this takes the cake... 
you may like the GypSea bracelet collection sweetness here..... 

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Melissah said...

very cute bag - thanks for the lovely compliments on my blog.
Happy Weekend!


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you look

into a

woman's eyes

. . . and see

what is in

her heart. "

~Nate Dircks

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