Saturday, January 15, 2011

the winner is ...for the beachy bag from designer Suzanne Pignato of beachhouse etc.

Going to Miami ??? It's 75 degrees and Sunny...
Hope everyone has had a great week ...hey ya'll just so you know if you didnt win.. these bags are for sale... I have had a lot of people asking contact me if you are interested in one at I will get it shipped to you ...paypal  accepted ...I'm in design mode for Spring 2011 so look out for new bags in February .. 

Ok ya'll the winner is AMBER from  STARFISH BLOG...
enjoy Amber ...and everybody are going to fall in love with her fabulous jewelry ...check it out ...

and don't want to rub it in but...if you didn't already know this... Florida is the only state with no snow on the ground...oh well for all my beach loving friends put a few resort wear photos to check out for Spring/Summer 2011 and please come south and visit us down here in So Flo... hope this gets rid of some of the wintery blues...xoxoxxo
all the best ,beachy ,fun ,living you can stand... suzanne
are you kidding me?? this hat is to die for
i am in love with designers 
Liza + Tara   Miami
liza +Tara
just so cute 
did someone say Chanel?

ooohh la la
so St TRopez
Palm Beach anyone?
i just love white 
great couple look..
Trina Turk Crush
wait... is this the peak of decadence?
another day in paradise
can't forget Gucci can we?

Sherri Hill
the necklace...really ?
ok this isn't beachy but it is Aspen Chic right ..?
and she is in a beach chair after all ...ok girls have a fabulous week end 

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Put the Lime in the Coconut it's beach Bag giveaway time

Just what the Doctor ordered...

Ok after a long week i have decided  with my beachy friends
    the Key Lime Zebra...
is the bag I am going to let one of you lucky bloggers to sashay around the pool or beach here's the Deal-i-o..

To take this bag on your next vacay this is what you have to do...
             Number 1. Become a follower of know what that
means if you aren't a follower already 
you need to be... 
Number 2. I need you to post this on your blog 
about my giveaway

Number 3. You need to please leave a comment
I will be choosing the lucky blogger on
 Friday January 14th 2011....
so put the lime in the coconut and drinkem both up...
all the best beachy fun living you can stand
love you guys...


" Beauty. . .


you look

into a

woman's eyes

. . . and see

what is in

her heart. "

~Nate Dircks

music for Your soul may turn the music off if you don't need any soul...