Sunday, December 19, 2010


Living island style...

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wow it's been one breeze of a Summer...and Fall's winter now 

i am soooo glad to be back ...i've been 

thinking about all my beachy blogger friends and thought i would write a little about...

What's going on ....

marvin gaye
the summer was filled with vacation to the Bahamas... Key West and working on our own little resort in our backyard... played with my girlfriends... 
i think someone spilled a drink on the lens...
Mrs.E Mrs.L and me

ok the girls of summer ...
me, Mrs.L, Mrs.G, Mrs. E and Mrs. F
just before it started to pour buckets
 we all ended up jumping 
in the pool in the rain
my son turned into a
 teenager ...
aaahhhhhggg (13) 
on Friday the 13th of August
but it was all good
Mr.T... Mr. G and Mr.B
boys will be boys
grant on the left and some of his best buds..
had a little soiree NIkki beach our beachhouse that's not on the beach....

this is how we do it so FLo style
just a little ambiance

love this where do i get the gator?

who needs a towel?

sexy personified
i'm thinkin i want that big bed on
 the left in the middle
lovin those umbrellas 

another view
uhhh is that champagne on ice...?
well, it wouldn't last
 that long in my possesion 

who was the creator of the 
bed at the beach/pool?
answer: GOD

why don't you just put your sofa 
out here while you're at it..

is she a mermaid?

above ..this is the real nikki beach 
i think i could have a good time here

ok i know i love to tease ya'll these photos came from various places but just wanted to say photos on the outdoor party and backyard resort are going to be a whole posting with before and afters...ok so be patient but i did give ya'll a little taste of what i like...thought you would too.
 of course everyone had to wear know my fav color... 

had waayy tooo much fun ...
not to mention 
PINOT GRIGIO (my brand it's called Barefoot) 

well...  after all that... with a lot of blood, sweat, seasalt and tears have put the final touches together on my little online biz...
remember my beachbags they're here... and while i was in creative mode designed This  PERFECT SIZED sassy little PURSE called the "Shaggy SEA Bag"...well, you may also want to know I am expanding into resort wear you know  island wear zippers, buttons etc...
something you can just slip on or off ...."whateva" makes you feel comfortable keeping it simple and white (of course) and some basic neutrals... these will be your "go to clothes" simple but ohhhh so sexy and did I mention so comfy...and coming soon..... since i love beds on the ocean and pool so much i found it only fitting for me to do a whole line of WHITE BEDDING  look for this also are going to be in heaven  ..that is if you love white as much as i come on over to my  check it out let me know what you think ... if you like .....questions are great.... love' em...and if you want to purchase you can contact me at
chic bags for the beachiest chicks... 

photo shoot in PALM BEACH 
at my sisters beachhouse...

the bahamian

the tiki chic cheetah

the west indies

the islander
the Carribbean

the islamorada
w/cotton knotted fringe

the key west
w/cotton knotted fringe

the banana boat

the coco ribe
w/ cotton knotted fringe

the key lime zebra/ raffia
the palm beacher coco/ raffia

the beachbee chic

the harbour islander

the beachbee chic raffia

the suzanna cabana w/

the palm beacher pink
w/ raffia

the carribbean

the isle morada 
the lilly 
w/ cotton knotted fringe

the bahamian

the harbour islander 
w/knotted fringe

sooo let's sashay on to the pool....    

and ya'll just thought i was sittin' around 
knitten' the aphgan....on my hammock...

the "original" shaggy sea bag 
(beachhouse white)w/scallop shell

the shaggy sea bag (washed black)
the shaggy sea bag 

shaggy sea bag
in sand w/ sugar starfish
shaggy sea bag 
in sand(w/ natural 
or white bumpy starfish)
and just for the holidays i blinged
 it up a little with this bag
white starfish with srawovski crystals..... 

 $85.00  us dollars + sh

and now clothes... 
for your... vacation /staycation

"the cat pant"

" the angel cardigan"
white, black, salt and pepper
here's a little something 
to think about
"the little white dress"
haven't we all looked for the 
cute little white can 
never find them...
plenty of the "lbd"
well, i've got them and not just one but several...just in case one isn't enough..
made from the best ever...
don't worry about wearing a slip
(we don't even know what those are in SO FLO) 
this is so unbelievably well made... perfect weight for island living....and also check out the tops and the 60's pant very Miami Beach...

custom pillows  $125.  us dollars plus shipping 
insert additional 
to all of my beachy chic friends have a 
sunny holiday...
and feel free to email me  at  know if 
you want to get anything for yourself
or your friends...


Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

AMAZING!! I cannot believe how productive you have been suzanne!! wowza!!! i cannot believe you finished your gorgeous beachbags~beautiful!! the shaggy sea bag~adorable!! resort wear?speechless. i am stunned by how much you have accomplished! gorgeous!! you need to call Coastal Living!! so glad you are back!!! congrats to you! i have to go check out your web site! talk soon. cathy

OceanDreams said...

Love all of your ocean and tropical pictures, just lovely! I am also loving all of the bags, too cute!

Kellie Collis said...

That fabulous place is to die for! And the bags are so chic! Have a wonderful holiday, Kellie xx

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

What a dreamy vacation! I'm new to your blog and the bags are to die for. Have a wonderful week!

Sassy In The South said...

I am literally obsessed with your beach bags! I have to have one before beach season arrives!

Darius Cartmell said...

That's actually my dream beach resort: a tropical heaven filled with white-clothed cottages all around. But when night comes along, the place transforms into a festival of cozy lights. Perhaps I can put that in my summer to-go list. Anyway, your bags and accessories seem to be prepped and ready for the summer heat.

" Beauty. . .


you look

into a

woman's eyes

. . . and see

what is in

her heart. "

~Nate Dircks

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