Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's time to get an Expert involved

I am typing away as you read...
I am trying to smile while i work.... found this at HomeGoodsthe other day couldn't resist a recycled sign from different tin typography
these are in my office wish they were real ...tip add water to a clear vase of really great looking silks ...and it fools the average person ...i didn't do this in this pic but will show u in next go around...of pix

ok so today i am getting ready to go to a website to do some research on Wordpress Blogger but more options.... as I decided to get an expert involved...instead of spinning my wheels all day... my girlfriend Bonnie Carter who owns Adworks Agency told me that Word press would be a better blog for me, for what I am trying to accomplish ....which is everything under the sun...why not?.... anyhow she gave me a wealth of knowledge and I encourage you to contact her company if you need help with these kind of things ....she's creative and technical... hard to find these days.....hopefully, I can add a link to her website and you can contact her meanwhile back to more wheel spinning... i will fill you in later.... the goal today.... picking a template ...she said pick a template then we can customize to your taste...ok well see you in a few hours lol...


Anonymous said...

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beachhouse etc. said...

hola I want to translate en englis can you do that?

thanks for sharing your comments i will get on e of my friends to translate...suzanne

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