Friday, January 22, 2010

The Blog Institute

Ok here I am once again learning about Blogging I got some great information from a Blog called Colour Me Happy(you will see on my Blog list to the right...10 Things Every Blogger Should Know....thanks Maria as a mac user i continue to amaze myself with things I actually learned how to put music on my blog can too.. just scroll down to my playlist and click on the link for Mixpod...i got the idea from another blog called Something White(see blog list)...loved the song from Jason Mraz Bella Luna ... anyhow not too difficult had a few kinks in it though...enjoy your Friday...

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" Beauty. . .


you look

into a

woman's eyes

. . . and see

what is in

her heart. "

~Nate Dircks

music for Your soul may turn the music off if you don't need any soul...